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E3: Halo 3 SKU announced

Special console in September.

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Microsoft announced a new Halo 3-themed console at its E3 conference earlier this morning.

The special edition unit will go on sale alongside the game this September.

Peter Moore delightedly unveiled the new SKU, which has an "authentic" Spartan green and gold finish and comes with matching wireless controller, 20GB hard drive, Headset, Play & Charge kit, and Halo 3 Gamer pictures and themes.

Microsoft also showed a short clip of a Halo project Neill Blomkamp (the abandoned film's director) was working on. However, it appeared to be little more than a fancy trailer surrounding the hugely popular series of games.

Halo 3 also featured as a key staple of Microsoft's promise of great games this Christmas, with an extended trailer of the game's single-player story closing the conference. It featured all the favourites: Cortana, Chief, Covenant, Warthogs, gigantic gun battles, etc. - as well as an enemy that filled the entire screen.

We'll have that up on Eurogamer TV as soon as we can get our hands on it.

To catch up with everything that happened as it happened, pop over to our Live Text coverage of the event.

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