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EGTV: PGR4 in action

Team EG behind the wheel.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

There's just nine days to go until Project Gotham Racing 4 emerges from the garage of Eurogamer's favourite Scousers, Bizarre Creations. In case you missed it, the Xbox 360-exclusive racer just scored a mighty 9 out of 10 in Tom's review. And to celebrate, Eurogamer TV is showcasing direct-feed footage of Mr. Bramwell's crazy skills in action.

The track in question is Instituto Politecnico, and despite dense fog, Tom hauled his supercar around for a flawless race. All of which he then saved and uploaded to Xbox Live using the nifty On Demand feature. The big show-off. Realistic weather effects, of course, are a major new feature of this second outing of the Gotham series on 360.

And there will be more gorgeous Gothamness elsewhere in the Eurogamer empire this week, with hosting a video of a flashy race around central London, while takes a m0t0rb1k3 - all-new to PGR4, of course - for a spin around Shanghai.

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