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eFootball gameplay reveals first proper look at the game

Give it a shot.

eFootball gameplay is now online.

The video below popped up on a Chinese YouTube channel called "GREAT GAME TV CHANNEL" in unlisted form, and as you'd expect the PES community is all over it.

Watch on YouTube

The video shows a full match between Manchester United and Arsenal, complete with cutscenes. It's definitely eFootball on a PlayStation console - the accompanying article at suggests it was played on a PS5.

It's worth noting a few things about this footage. It's not direct feed footage, and it may be a pre-release build - eFootball doesn't come out until 30th September.

A few impressions from me: the pitch itself doesn't look fantastic (people are already laying into the grass), some of the animations appear a little janky and there are odd collisions, too. It looks like it plays pretty slow. The circle indicator around the selected player is huge, but I imagine you'll be able to turn that off. I hope so, anyway!

It's hard to make a sweeping judgment without going hands-on, of course. Hopefully we'll be able to do that soon.

Watch on YouTube

Last month, Konami confirmed some of eFootball's new gameplay mechanics, animations and even kicks won't be in at launch. Konami had already described eFootball's early autumn launch as "basically a demo".

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