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EA's new PC client is now available to download

Following confirmation the Dead Space remake is "native" on Steam.

EA's replacement client for Origin has left its open beta phase and is now available to use.

The new platform, called the EA app, will replace Origin as EA's primary PC platform on Windows, while Origin will remain as the main client for Mac users.

EA described the app as a "faster, more reliable, and more streamlined gaming experience" in the official announcement.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead Space Official Gameplay Trailer
EA's Dead Space remake gameplay reveal.

Other features listed include account integration with Steam, Xbox and PlayStation, automatic game downloads, and background updates.

For Origin users, an invite will be sent out when all their games and content from Origin will be "ready and waiting" on the EA app. Local and cloud saves will be automatically transferred across.

The announcement of the EA app comes alongside confirmation that EA's own launchers won't be needed to play the upcoming Dead Space remake through Steam. Set for release in January, Origin is not listed as a requirement on the game's Steam page, in contrast to other games (such as Dead Space 3) which do.

"Dead Space is native on Steam," EA stated when asked for comment (thanks, PCGamer). It sounds like neither Origin nor the new EA app will be required to play the remake on Steam, which is welcome news for anyone making good use of the £20 price difference the game has on PC.

Read more about EA's new app on the EA website.