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Earthworm Jim heading to DSiWare

Plus all this week's WiiWare/VC titles.

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Nintendo has announced this Friday's digital releases for its platforms, with an enhanced version of Earthworm Jim for DSi the standout.

The Gameloft-authored remake of the 16-bit platformer retains its peculiar humour but adds sections where you have to make faces into the camera to receive bonuses. It will go for 500 DSi Points.

Elsewhere, DSi owners can spend 500 DP on Flipper, a puzzle game where you blast holes in the environment, build platforms and use power-ups to try and complete each level.

Alternatively there's a range of software for 200 DP: myPostcards, with which you make postcards and send them to friends; and Ball, Flagman and Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch releases.

On the Wii, Virtual Console fans can spend 800 Wii Points on the SNES version of Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (uniting Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade).

Or you can spend 500 WP on WiiWare title The Will of Dr Frankenstein, in which you play a young orphan, Frankie, who helps a professor to build a strange machine. There's no word on whether you get to hide in a shack next to the De Lacey cottage for months before being rejected and set on a path to vengeance, however.

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