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Early Access dino hit Ark gets "completely finished" expansion

What a tail.

Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview hit Ark: Survival Evolved is getting a "completely finished" expansion today.

Ark: Scorched Earth will strand players in a harsh, fiery new desert area populated by Wyverns, because you wouldn't want things to be easy in a survival game, would you?

While separate to the main game's area, players will be able to travel between the two locations and share items gleaned from the expansion.

You'll also get to tame new creatures, craft new items and hopefully not die of sunstroke by finding some water. Here's a look:

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Scorched Earth costs $20 (UK price TBA) on Steam and Xbox One, while the base Ark game will be 40 per cent off for a limited time. It's still in Early Access - which makes the arrival of a big paid expansion slightly surprising.

Developer Wild Card has defended this decision, however - and Scorched Earth is only the first of several planned Ark areas.

"All of us at Wildcard are tremendously excited to see how these new features alter the dynamics of the long-term ARK metagame," co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz said.

"While we've had Scorched Earth and future Arks in the planning stages since the project's inception, establishing its inter-ARK travel technology was the essential reason for making this content available to players right now."