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EA will skip E3 press conference this year

For FUT's sake.

Star Wars, Battlefield and Anthem publisher EA has said it will not hold an E3 press conference this year.

Instead, EA will once again put on its annual pre-E3 fan event EA Play and broadcast livestreams from there focusing on specific games and developers.

It's a shame to see another big name pull out of an E3 press conference this year (PlayStation isn't turning up to E3 2019 at all, so will similarly not be saying anything) but you can sort of see why EA has done it.

Having been sat in the audience for many E3 shindigs over the years, it's always felt a mixed bag. Take last year, when we got lots of Battlefield 5 and Anthem gameplay but also an extended nails-down-the-blackboard section on Command & Conquer Rivals, a mobile game entirely unsuited to a big E3 press conference stage.

This year EA's release calendar looks like it'll include Respawn's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, plus Need for Speed and Plants vs Zombies games. We'll just have to imagine all the lovely things Martin would have said about those.

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