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EA vets establish Wii, DS studio

Jet Black focuses on Nintendo.

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Former EA Canada veterans responsible for working on FIFA, Need for Speed and James Bond titles have announced the formation of new development team Jet Black Studios, reports.

The independent studio will focus solely on Nintendo hardware, creating new and licensed products for the Wii and DS.

"With the launch of our new studio we've brought together all the key elements to develop top games," commented co-founder and CEO Roger Freddi.

"Both the Nintendo DS and the Wii's Wi-Fi capabilities provide an advanced medium for Jet Black to bring already popular franchises to an even broader worldwide audience," he added.

Jet Black is working with Flashman Studios, a business management firm which has recently had a hand in licensed projects for Disney/Pixar, Ignition, Warner Brothers and Sony Online Entertainment.

"We are confident in the capabilities of Jet Black's exceptional team, and know our strong global alliances and years of game experience will help grow its business," said Brad Young, CEO of Flashman.

"Our proven success in cultivating the right match of intellectual property, publisher and developer will allow Jet Black to do what they do best – build great games, create inspirational ideas and develop great technology."

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