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EA to teach poker, sudoku, solitaire

Unveils For Dummies series on PC, DS.

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EA plans to make a whole series of PC and DS games based on the For Dummies pile of books, teaching us to play poker, sudoku, solitaire and more.

Poker For Dummies on PC should be available right now from the Pogo download site, although we looked and looked but found nothing.

This will clue us up on Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud; enough to whip out the wallet and spend in virtual card dens before the day is done.

Other PC instalments will follow: Solitaire For Dummies in September, Brain Training For Dummies in October, Sudoku For Dummies in November, and more into 2009.

Poker For Dummies and Brain Training For Dummies will also be available on PC in shops from October.

Travel Games For Dummies will be heading to DS in November, providing you like in the US or "select" European countries.

This features three games bundled into one: solitaire, sudoku, and crossword puzzles. No faffing around with those airport lounge books.

Typical structure of the games first introduces you to the basic rules before moving on to a practice mode with a virtual coach and then leaving you to fend for yourself.

Pop over to our Poker For Dummies and Travel Games For Dummies galleries to find out more.

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