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EA Sports to produce peripherals

Rock Band-style strategy revealed.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts exec David McCarthy has revealed there are plans to bundle EA Sports games with peripherals within the next year.

McCarthy's comments came during a Q&A at GDC Paris, according to Gamasutra.

He said EA Sports will integrate the peripherals into its titles in a similar way to Rock Band for Wii, adding, "You have to be careful with it, because Rock Band, that's a great peripheral, but it's a big expensive box."

Apparently EA will only produce a peripheral "provided it doesn't raise that barrier of entry and accessibility" for gamers.

He didn't say anything about platforms or what kind of peripherals we can expect, but it shouldn't be too long before more is revealed.

"I think you'll see games using that Rock Band peripheral strategy from EA Sports, even within the next 12 months," McCarthy predicted.

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