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EA Sports subscription service planned?

Exclusive DLC and early access detailed.

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A paid EA Sports subscription service that offers members exclusive DLC and early access to new titles is in the works, according to an alleged memo from the publisher.

PastaPadre has reported that a number of users have received a mail-out from the publisher describing the planned scheme.

"This new EA Sports subscription service is an annual paid subscription that enhances your gaming experience," the purported document read.

"The subscription gives subscribers access to exclusive benefits for Madden NFL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, SSX: Deadly Descents and NCAA Football."

The document then lists a range of planned perks:

  • Discounts on downloadable content for EA Sports titles
  • A digital badge to appear in-game and on your EA web profile
  • Exclusive opportunities to "extend your EA Sports experience to PC and Web"
  • Exclusive DLC for certain EA Sports titles
  • Ability to move DLC to future versions of a title
  • Full downloadable versions of EA Sports titles before they hit retail

A separate survey that's also in circulation reportedly lists a potential annual fee of between $14.99 and $34.99.

We've contacted EA for comment and will update if it chooses to respond.

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