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EA retires Mass Effect 3: Datapad app

No more calibrating.

Mass Effect 3's companion app Datapad has been removed from the iOS App Store, publisher EA has announced.

Oh Garrus, you troll.

The publisher broke the news today via the help section of its site.

Datapad allowed players to check and boost their in-game Galactic Readiness score while on the move (and as an alternative to playing the main game's multiplayer mode).

You could also browse Codex entries and receive text messages from in-game characters.

The app's removal is not too much of a surprise. All of these features - barring the squadmate texts - are now available via the Mass Effect N7 HQ.

Datapad's importance had already been diminished by a reduction in the total Galactic Readiness needed to see the game's full and "best" endings.

That change happened via Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut update. Fans complained after discovering that you needed to boost your score via DLC, multiplayer or Datapad in order to glimpse a secret scene after one of the game's endings.