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EA Origin bans now allow single-player

Takes your satisfaction "very seriously".

Origin ban policy has been revised by EA to allow suspended accounts to "Go Offline" and play games single-player.

It's single-player for you. Again.

EA promised to have a good old look at the policy back in November, after forum-banned Origin users complained of being collaterally denied use of their games.

"With every game and service EA offers, we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously," EA's po-faced Account Suspension Policy reads.

"We discourage cheating and strive to maintain a high level of integrity in both our games and our forums. To this end, we will hide inappropriate content, and we will take action on EA/Origin accounts that violate the Terms of Service (TOS) based on the severity of the offense.

"If you find yourself with a disabled account, please note that you can still play EA games in single-player mode. For PC games you will need to enable Origin's offline mode to play games with a disabled account. Go to the settings tab in Origin (the gear icon) and select Go Offline. "Please note," added EA, "the majority of banned or suspended accounts are only suspended temporarily."

Mass Effect 3, a PC game many will be playing via Origin.

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