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EA launches Mass Effect 3 into space from London this morning

Be at the landing zone to get a copy early.

It is one of the most elaborate video game marketing stunts in recent memory.

But this time it has some value - the chance to win a copy of one of this year's most anticipated games weeks before it goes on sale.

EA will this morning (11.30am) launch BioWare science fiction shooter Mass Effect 3 into space from London - and it wants fans to track it down.

Each Space Edition, as it's known, comes with a one-of-a-kind fan prize package. This includes a copy of the game launched into space (for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360), one shirt, one hooded sweatshirt, one hat, one Art of the Mass Effect Universe book, one water bottle, and one messenger bag. EA estimates the retail value of all that lot at $500.

Enter the competition at the official Mass Effect 3 website. The first two entrants to arrive at the landing location will each win a prize. You have to log in to the contest website using your EA Online account, create a contest-specific password, and track the progress of the Space Edition using GPS data on the website. Then, it's a case of hot-footing it to the landing zone.

Mass Effect 3 Space Editions have already launched San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. The Vegas and New York copies have already been recovered. A copy launches from Berlin on 29th February.

For those willing to wait, Mass Effect 3 launches in shops on 9th March.