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EA bringing Hasbro games to XBLA

Boggle, Battleship, Yahtzee, Sorry!

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EA has announced plans to release various Xbox Live Arcade titles under the Hasbro Family Game Night banner starting this spring.

The rollout will include Boggle, Battleship, Yahtzee, Connect Four, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders, all of which will be available from a "branded destination" on Xbox Live.

The games will include original and new ways to play, according to EA, along with "a Party Mode that features multiple mini-game versions of each title" and online play.

You'll also be able to unlock "virtual trophies, furniture and themes to decorate [your] personal virtual game rooms". Don't hold back.

It's hardly EA's first Hasbro collaboration, of course, as you will know if you've read Ellie's review of the Wii version released last year.

Sadly, EA was not immediately available to confirm whether the Hasbro XBLA games will also be hosted by Mr. Potato Head.

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