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E3 is over, there's an open-world shark RPG

Jaws agape.

A single-player, open-world shark action RPG called Maneater has been announced at E3! A SharkPG!

In it you play as a giant bull shark terrorising the Gulf Coast of Southern United States, flapping onto beach shores to gobble swimmers, onto boats to chew sailors, and even up onto piers to snap at fisherman! You see, a human slaughtered your mother and left you for dead, so now it's your turn for revenge.

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Maneater is made by Blindside and published by Tripwire. It has a shark skill tree for goodness sake! You can evolve different parts of your shark's body, growing your teeth, for instance, or increase ferocity to enter frenzies. It also has an open-world of sunken wrecks, swamps and open ocean to explore.

There's no release date, which is a shame, because Maneater can't come soon enough.

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