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Dungeon Lords follow-ups

JoWooD lays out plans.

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The chaotically named JoWooD has said that it's planning to release a standalone expansion pack for and a sequel to Dungeon Lords.

The expansion pack will try and link the two proper-big games narratively, and will be released in Q3 2008. Dungeon Lords 2, meanwhile, is in development for a next-generation console and Windows PC, but is as-yet without a release date or estimate.

Dungeon Lords - not to be confused with Dungeon Runners, or other games with unimaginative names - has apparently sold over 1 million copies worldwide, and saw players doing quests, customising characters and all the other jazz you expect from this sort of thing.

For a slightly more appreciative (or at least conscious) summary of the game's features, hackandslash your way to the official website.

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