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DSi Shop stock to expand weekly

Redesigned handheld out on Friday.

Nintendo plans to refresh the DSi Shop with new games each week.

"Like the Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop will offer a growing library of downloadable games, with new titles added every week," said the platform holder on its press website.

Because of this, Nintendo has decided to rename the Wii-kly Update newsletter to Nintendo Download. The first edition will be available from 6th April.

The Nintendo DSi, which launches on Friday for GBP 149, has bigger and brighter screens, two cameras, an SD card memory slot, onboard Flash memory, better Wi-Fi support and some aesthetic nips and tucks. It also, on the other hand, region locks DSi-specific software.

Filthy R4 cards used by rum-drinking pirates are reported not to work with the new handheld.

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