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Driveclub gameplay footage shows off PS4 dynamic lighting

Oh my, god rays.

Two brief clips from PlayStation 4 racer Driveclub have shown off the game's use of next-gen dynamic lighting.

The quick snippets of footage were captured by Driveclub developer Evolution using the PS4's Share function and then uploaded to Facebook.

"Because the skies are organic and dynamic in Driveclub, none of our lighting is baked or painted on, so this exact moment is a once in a lifetime event!", the developer wrote.

"Thanks to #PS4SHARE no one has to miss it!"

Originally a PS4 launch title, Sony announced last month that Driveclub had been delayed until early 2014.

A free version of the racer will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, alongside a full-fat paid edition with all cars and tracks unlocked.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube