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DriveClub free update adds Japan track

Lowers tour progress requirements, among other fixes.

DriveClub developer Evolution Studios has released a new update for its PlayStation 4-exclusive racer, headlined by a new Kobago, Japan track.

The 690MB patch is available to download now and brings the game up to 1.11.

6.56GB of updates have been released so far.

The download also includes a new multiplayer team time trial mode, which will unlock this Wednesday, 18th February.

Add-on tours now have a lower stars requirement to progress. Eight stars (previously 12) are now required to reach a tour's second stage, and 22 (previously 27) for the final stage.

Other tweaks include the ability to choose paint jobs prior to an event and the option to enable the rev counter in cockpit view.

Update 1.11 also includes support for February's forthcoming main add-ons, including the free VUHL 05 and the paid-for/Season Pass Downforce Car Pack. Both are due to arrive on the PlayStation Store next Wednesday, 25th February.

Further down the road Evolution is planning yet more updates: private multiplayer lobbies, replays and a higher level cap are all on the way.

Yet more server upgrades are coming too, so that Sony can finally launch DriveClub's long-awaited free PlayStation Plus Edition and the DriveClub companion app.

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