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Dream is a video conceptualising how visually sumptuous next-gen games could be

Made part-time by a team of CG artists over six months.

A team of CG artists from Bulgaria has put together a video envisaging how bang tidy games could look this upcoming generation.

Various environments are put forward and tenuously linked to games they could appear in. Up to 30 seconds is an urban scene that could be something from Grand Theft Auto 6, for instance, and the jungle waterfall that follows it wouldn't look out of place in Uncharted 4.

The Wild West train station could belong to the next Red Dead cowboy game, the team reckons, and the desert off-road racing section a game called Drive that I think is made up - think next-gen MotorStorm instead.

Finally, a stylish ultra-modern apartment is something you could clap eyes on in The Sims 4.

As members of friendly internet lounge NeoGAF pointed out, it all looks fairly doable with the exception of those pesky volumetric particles. Building detail may have to be painted on, rather than individually sculpted and modelled.

The video, titled Dream, was made by the members of Vaya Studio over the course of six months as a part-time project. "We all had full artistic freedom to put our ideas into this," Vaya said.

The people involved were Svetlin Mihaylov, Dimitar Tilev, Krasimir Petkov, Kaloian Krystev, Yaroslav Nachev. It's not clarified, but there being five of them probably means each individual made one part of the video.

Dream has been nominated for this year's Fubiz Awards in the Animation category.

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