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Dorfromantik gets Japan-inspired Sakura biome and controller support on PC

Plus other features from Switch release.

Toukana Interactive's sublime landscape-building puzzler Dorfromantik has just been updated on Steam, adding the Japan-inspired Sakura biome, controller support, and more.

Dorfromantik's Sakura biome was previously exclusive to the recently released Switch version of the game, and today's PC update - appropriately known as the Sakura Update - brings over a number of other features formerly only available on Nintendo's platform.

Steam players can now, for instance, enjoy full controller support - which, among other things, helps massively improve what was previously a slightly fiddly experience on Steam Deck.

Cover image for YouTube videoDorfromantik 1.0 Release Trailer
Dorfromantik - 1.0 Release Trailer.

There are also new Custom Mode options, enabling players to turn on World Borders. These were added to Switch to restrict the size of worlds for technical reasons, but can be applied as a configuration option in Custom Mode for those that want to use them on PC.

And finally, Dorfromantik players on Steam can now benefit from various performance optimisations introduced as part of the Switch porting process, also included in today's update. Toukana says it plans to "fine-tune a few more parts so that we can meet the wide range of different hardware requirements for PC."

Full patch notes for Dorfromantik's Sakura Update can be found on Steam.