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Disney and Tencent announce Avatar MMORPG


Disney and Tencent have announced Avatar: Reckoning, a new MMORPG set on Pandora for iOS and Android devices due for launch this year.

You'll be able to play Avatar: Reckoning in three modes: via single-player story missions, PVP or co-op, as you explore "never-before-seen parts" of Avatar's world.

"Meet new Na'vi clans fighting to defend their home, battle powerful RDA troops seeking to exploit the resources of the moon, and encounter spectacular alien creatures," a press release today boasted.

There's no footage yet, just this singular piece of artwork. Chinese studio Archosaur Games, which made World of Kings and Naval Creed, is on development duties.

The Avatar "franchise" began more than 12 years ago, when James Cameron's 2009 space epic earned nearly $3bn at the box office as everyone went to go try out their 3D specs.

This December, the first of several continually-delayed film sequels is set to arrive. A third film has also already been shot, and there are plans for a fourth and fifth outings.

Of course, Avatar: Reckoning is not the only upcoming Avatar game. The Division developer Massive Entertainment has long been working on its own adventure, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Its release is expected at some point before March 2023.

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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

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