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Disgaea 2 enhanced for PSP this year

NIS integrating best bits from Disgaea 3.

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NIS America plans to release PSP game Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days across the US this autumn.

This is an enhanced port of Disgaea 2, which was superb when it came out for PS2 back in 2006. The new bits are more characters, items and skills, plus extra story chapters and even new battle features stolen from Disgaea 3.

Dark Hero Days follows Adell, the last human, on his journey to the Netherworld to defeat the armies of Zenon. Adell will amass and nurture his own force along the way, seeing off waves of baddies in strategical, tile-based brawls.

Bizarrely, the first trailer contradicts the press release by citing a summer 2009 date. We're looking into European plans.

Pop into our Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days gallery for the first set of pictures.

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