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Koei tweaks PAL titles

Atelier Iris and Disgaea sequels. Plus, pre-order bonuses.

Koei has tweaked the content of the PAL version of Atelier Iris 2 based on feedback from Japanese and US audiences, and will include a Japanese voice option in Disgaea 2 as well.

The publisher also announced that it's offering a range of pre-order treats for people who sign up to buy Atelier Iris 2, Disgaea 2 or Gitaroo Man Lives! through GAME.

Atelier Iris 2 is due out on PS2 this September 29th, bundled with a soundtrack CD, and anybody pre-ordering it from GAME will also receive an 8-inch musical statuette, a game character figurine and an artwork card as part of a Premium Box edition.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is also due out on PS2 this autumn, and the UK version will offer a choice of a Japanese or localised Western voice-acting track, and will also come bundled with a soundtrack CD. Pre-orders will net a limited edition artwork book.

Finally, those of you looking forward to the enjoyable Gitaroo Man Lives! on PSP will be able to get your hands on five limited edition badges featuring game characters by pre-ordering from GAME.

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