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Disco Elysium lead files lawsuit against developer ZA/UM

Takes place next month.

Disco Elysium's lead game designer Robert Kurvitz has filed a lawsuit against developer ZA/UM.

Earlier this month, a number of key members of the development team confirmed they were no longer working at the studio. "The reason for dissolving the cultural organisation is that it no longer represents the ethos it was founded on," wrote founding member of the ZA/UM cultural association Martin Luiga. "People and ideas are meant to be eternal; organisations may well be temporary."

Luiga later alleged that some team members were fired on false premises.

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As TechNewsSpace reports, Kurvitz has filed a lawsuit with the Estonian court against ZA/UM on behalf of his own company Telomer OÜ.

The hearing will take place on 28th November, but it's unknown what this will entail.

Kotaku AU has corroborated with a screenshot from the Estonian Ministry of Justice's website Riigi Teataja. There Telomer OÜ has filed an application to "obtain information and review documents".

Luiga has also seemingly confirmed the news by sharing the story by TechNewsSpace.

When a fan asked how Luiga could be supported, he responded: "I will let you know should such an opportunity arise."

There has since been speculation the lawsuit could be an attempt to wrestle control of the rights for a potential Disco Elysium sequel, but this is conjecture.