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DiRT 3 DLC details leak

Is making money the soil purpose?

Upcoming Codemasters racer DiRT 3 will soon be wallowing in not one, but four dollops of downloadable content, according to leaked PS3 Trophy details.

The add-ons were outed by PS3Trophies. Descriptions reveal extra events and cars, although there's no mention of pricing.

The Power and Glory Car Pack and The Mud and Guts Car Pack both feature new vehicles. The X Games Asia Track Pack and Monte Carlo Track Pack each dole out an extra location, with associated new events.

Each of the four slices of DLC comes with four more trophies to boot.

Codemasters has yet to mention any DLC for the upcoming title. Is money the soil purpose? Will DiRT 3 make developers Codemasters filthy rich?

The game launches this week and has already picked up a 9/10 in Eurogamer's DiRT 3 review: "It's a package more inclusive than any of its predecessors," Martin wrote, "shot through with the quiet innovations that have defined the studio's more recent efforts."

Eurogamer plays DiRT 3's first 15 minutes.