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This Arctic M2 Pro heatsink makes your SSD fully PS5-proof, and it's just £4.29 from Amazon

That's especially cheap.

It's quite well known these days that the restrictions Sony has on PS5 SSDs can be a little fiddly, with arguably the fiddliest being the requirement for a heatsink for better transfer of heat. Getting a first-party heatsink with a drive can bump the price up by quite a lot, so it makes sense why people turn to third-party choices which are often cheaper. A case in point for that today is this Amazon deal on the Arctic M2 Pro, a heatsink which plays nicely with both PC and PS5 drives, and can be yours for £4.29 - not bad at all.

The whole point of a heatsink is that it dissipates heat to offer better thermals and cooling, and reduces the risk of any form of throttling due to temperatures being too high. To this end, the M32 Pro features a pair of the brand's TP-3 thermal pads, which fit precisely around the SSD's components, such as its controller and NAND, to offer as optimal fitment as possible for the best results.

Handily, this heatsink also works with both single and double sided SSDs, and installs in a very simple manner. There isn't any need for tying the heatsink around the drive, or using screws. Instead, the M2 Pro attaches to an SSD by clicking into place, which is mighty convenient. The big thing here is that the M2 Pro meets Sony's requirements for heatsinks, and it's fully compatible with both the PS5 and PS5 Slim. This means you can pair it with any of the best PS5 SSDs without any trouble, and have a fully PS5-proof drive on the cheap.

If you want to grab a convenient heatsink for making your SSD fully compatible with PS5, this Amazon deal on the Arctic T2 Pro is the way to go.

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