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Save £40 on one of the quickest gaming SSDs out there with an Amazon discount code

The 990 Pro is discounted once again.

Samsung's 990 Pro NVMe SSD is one of the best gaming SSDs out there, offering blistering quick performance for PC and console use, and from Amazon at the moment in 2TB form, it's down to its best price in several months with the help of a discount code. Using code SAMSUNG40, you can net a handy £40 off the drive to make it £134, which is a fantastic price, and makes this drive just 6.7p per GB, in doing the maths.

2TB of capacity, whether it's for PC or PS5, gives you a lot of space for installing everything from an OS to a large games library, and more. For PC use, the only thing you've got to make sure is that your motherboard supports PCIe 4.0 - that's basically anything from the last four or so years - and that you've got a spare M.2 slot in which to put the drive. Otherwise, installation is easy, and the 990 Pro should work virtually plug and play.

It's much the same story for PS5, too, as the 990 Pro smashes Sony's stringent requirements with its speeds for instance, with up to 7450MB/s reads and 6950MB/s writes making it one of the quickest SSDs available for pairing with Sony's console, and therefore one of the best PS5 SSDs out there. In addition, its random performance is also excellent too, with speeds of up to 1.6M IOPS reads, giving you especially quick load times in games, meaning you can get into the action especially quickly. To make the 990 Pro fully PS5-proof though, you will just need to add a heatsink, but these are inexpensive these days. For years, we've recommended this £8 option. Getting a 2TB drive also gives you a lot more space to play with, adding a lot to either the 825GB internal space on the base-model PS5 or doubling the exisiting 1TB drive on the Slim model.

If you want to grab a nippy, capacious SSD for PC and PS5 use at a noteworthy discount, you'll want to check out this Amazon deal on the Samsung 990 Pro.

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