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Get this 4TB Samsung 990 Pro SSD for £80 off with an Amazon discount code

At its best price in months.

If the deal on the 2TB version of the 990 Pro we covered yesterday wasn't enough storage for you, then allow me to introduce you to a similar reduction on the bigger 4TB version that's ideal for PS5 use, for storing loads of games on! Using code SAMSUNG80 from the big online retailer, it makes this 4TB version £246 - that's the lowest price it's been in months - although you will have to wait a little bit for it to be delivered, according to Amazon's estimates.

For PS5 use, the 990 Pro is certainly one of the best PS5 SSDs out there by offering an ideal blend of a massive amount of storage in a package with immensely brisk speeds. Its reads and writes of 7450MB/s and 6950MB/s respectively make it one of the quickest compatible SSDs out there, while its random performance is also excellent too, with speeds of up to 1.6M IOPS reads, giving you especially quick load times in games and other apps. Those speeds also smash Sony's notably stringent requirements for PS5 SSDs. The only thing missing here is a heatsink, but these can be picked up affordably - we've recommended this £8 option for years, and to make your SSD fully PS5-proof, that seems like a fair price. For reference, the heatsink version of the 990 Pro is currently £350 (although the £80 promo also works). What's more, getting a 4TB drive allows you to add an incredible amount of storage to your existing internal drive, whether you've got the 825GB internal SSD of a standard PS5 or the 1TB drive inside a Slim model..

For PC use, the presence of 4TB of storage is handy for using the 990 Pro as a boot drive, to store a massive Steam library and a whole lot more. You've just got to make sure your motherboard supports PCIe 4.0 - that's basically anything from the last four or so years - and that you've got a spare M.2 slot in which to put the drive, where installation is simple.

If you want to grab a massive, speedy drive for PC and PS5 use at a discount, look no further than this Amazon deal on the Samsung 990 Pro 4TB.

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