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Get this handy 2TB Netac NV7000-t NVMe SSD for 10 percent off with a tick-box Amazon voucher

It even comes with a preinstalled PS5-ready heatsink.

This Netac NV7000-t is a drive that's rarely talked about in PS5 circles, and has only been out for around a year or so. Since its launch at £150, we've seen prices rise drastically on SSDs across the board, making discounts all the more important, so to be able to get 2TB of storage this quick for £108 is excellent. It's all thanks to a tick-box 10 percent off voucher which drops the price of the NV7000-t down from £120 to £108 - not bad at all.

If the Netac NV7000-t name sounds familiar to you in any way, that's because it's basically the same drive as the normal Netac NV7000 we've covered before, just with the addition of a heatsink and the subtraction of a DRAM cache at a solid £21 less. Even relying on HMB on PCs, this makes it one of the best value gaming SSDs, with sequential speeds that rival the likes of the WD Black SN850x and Samsung's 990 Pro while being a fair whack cheaper, considering current SSD prices. Specifically, the drive is rated for up to 7300MB/s reads and up to 6700MB/s writes, while 900K IOPS random reads and 700K IOPS random writes are a little behind the fastest PCIe 4.0 drives but still more than sufficient for PS5 and PC gaming.

With the 2TB capacity, you get substantially more game storage on PS5, expanding the total usable space from 666GB to 2.66TB on the standard model, and also trebling it on the Slim model's 1TB option. You're going to therefore be left with over four times more storage than you started with, which is especially handy given that modern AAA games are pushing triple-digits in terms of the amount of GB they'll be taking up on a drive. What's more, for PC use, it provides you with oodles of space for a large Steam library, as well as for an expansive collection of media and local files, too. It's also handy to know that this -t variant also comes with pre-installed heatsink that means it's a drop-in upgrade for PS5 and most PCs too.

PC users, you've just got to make sure that your PC's motherboard supports PCIe 4.0. For anyone who's built a PC in the last three to four years, you should be absolutely golden, but it's worth a quick Google search just to make sure. This is a drive you could use as a game drive for Steam, for more general usage, or, if you want to, you could even use it as a boot drive.

In the current market, £108 really isn't a lot for such a powerful SSD, especially in such a large capacity, and if you're on the hunt for an amazing value choice, this really is worth a look.

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