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Nab this powerful Netac 2TB NVMe SSD for PS5 or PC for just £88 from Amazon

A high-speed 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for a great price.

The fastest SSDs tend to cost a lot, but we're starting to see some great deals on lesser-known brands that don't sacrifice anything in terms of performance. One example is this Netac NV7000 PCIe 4.0 SSD, which is down to just £88 for a 2TB model with a 20 percent tick-box voucher on Amazon - that's a great price on one of the speediest NVMe PCIe 4.0 drives out there.

With its respective read and write speeds of 7000MB/s and 5500MB/s respectively, the Netac NV7000 is one of the quickest SSDs out there at the moment. Random speeds are good too, with a maximum of 620K IOPS for reads and 900K IOPS for writes on the largest 2TB size, and only slightly less on the 1TB model.

As a result, it's perhaps little surprise to learn that the NV7000 stands amongst the best PS5 SSDs, as well as one of the best gaming SSDs for PC too. For PS5 use, the drive comes with a perfectly-sized heatsink preinstalled, and the drive easily meets the PS5's speed requirements too.

With the 2TB capacity, you get substantially more game storage on PS5, expanding the total usable space from 666GB to 2.66TB. You're going to therefore be left with over four times more storage than you started with, which is especially handy given that modern AAA games are pushing triple-digits in terms of the amount of GB they'll be taking up on a drive.

PC users, you've just got to make sure that your PC's motherboard supports PCIe 4.0. For anyone who's built a PC in the last three to four years, you should be absolutely golden, but it's worth a quick Google search just to make sure. This is a drive you could use as a game drive for Steam, for more general usage, or, if you want to, you could even use it as a boot drive.

No matter the capacity, this Netac NV7000 drives is a great choice for PC or PS5, so do take a look if you're in the market. We'll continue to post deals as we find them, so follow along at @dealsfoundry for our deal alerts or stay tuned right here at Eurogamer for more.