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This DF-recommended EPOS headset is down to a fantastic price at Drop

A great performer for the price.

One of our favourite gaming headsets is on special offer today, with the Epos H3X dropping from an already reasonable $79 to just $49. That's a great price for a well-built and comfy headset with a neutral audio signature that's ideal for competitive gaming on PC or console. Throw in great microphone quality and a simple 3.5mm wired connection that works almost anywhere, and you have a truly excellent gaming headset for the money.

The H3X follows in Drop's long lineage of taking great headsets and headphones and making them a little more affordable without compromising on the headset's great fundamentals. The H3X is an especially comfortable headset too, with a cloth and leatherette headband and lightweight design. It connects using single or dual 3.5mm jacks, so you can use it with PC desktops and laptops, plus consoles like Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and Switch.

The H3X provides some good passive noise isolation, blocking out the noise around you, while its audio is detailed and well-positioned, giving you a good chance to swing around and kill enemies with ease. This makes it a solid choice for high intensity, competitives games such as Counter-Strike 2 and COD Warzone, where you're most likely going to feel the benefit of the excellent placement. In addition, the mic here is fantastic, offering good body, while it also features the convenience of being a flip to mute option for when you don't want to be heard by enemies.

We named this one of the best Xbox headsets, but it's worth considering for basically any platform!

If you're somebody after a decent affordable gaming headset with good looks and excellent audio for a fantastic price, this Drop x EPOS H3X for just $49 is well worth a look.

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