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Upgrading to a 4TB SSD for your PS5 might cost less than you think

You can pick up a 4TB drive and heatsink for £260.

Right now, the largest SSD you can fit into the PS5 is a 4TB model, which expands your available game storage by a factor of seven (!). These drives are more expensive than 1TB or 2TB options, of course, but prices have dropped significantly. In fact, they might be considerably cheaper than you might expect!

In this mini roundup, we'll highlight four deals on 4TB SSDs suitable for PS5, including two models with built-in heatsinks for easy installation, and two models that come without at a lower price. We've also added prices for the US for context.

Addlink Addgame A95 4TB w/ heatsink - £385 (was £500)

The second-fastest SSD in this roundup with a preinstalled heatsink at a great price - our top pick.

Also available at $357 in the US.

WD Black SN850x - £379 (was £671)

The fastest SSD in this roundup (and the fastest in the PCIe 4.0 category overall, alongside the Samsung 990 Pro), the SN850x doesn't come with a heatsink but scores highly when it comes to load times and overall value.

Also available at $380 in the US. Heatsink costs $9.

Crucial P3 Plus - £251 (was £455)

The Crucial P3 Plus offers by far the best value, although it doesn't come with a heatsink and is a hair below Sony's speed recommendations - although even significantly slower SSDs worked fine in our testing.

Also available at $225 in the US. Heatsink costs $9.

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus w/ PS5 heatsink - £430 (was £900)

The most convenient option, this 4TB SSD comes with a PS5-specific heatsink cover that works brilliantly.

Also available at $460 in the US - although I wouldn't recommend at this price.

First up we have the Addlink Addgame A95 which offers top-tier speeds, with up to 7200MB/s reads, and a preinstalled heatsink that fits perfectly in the PS5's rather shallow PS5 chamber. This debuted at £500, but now costs £385 - a good deal for a 4TB drive with this level of performance.

Our other top-tier choice is a famously fast SSD, the WD Black SN850x. It's marginally faster than the A95 and comes from a much better known brand, but it doesn't include a heatsink and costs around the same amount as the Addlink A95 at £379. If you do need a heatsink, we've tested and can recommend this model from Qivynsry for £8.

The cheapest SSD that we'd recommend for the PS5 is the Crucial P3 Plus, which narrowly misses out on Sony's 5500MB/s guidlines for sequential speeds but works just fine in a wide range of PS5 titles based on our extensive testing. Again, we recommend this this £8 Qivynsry heatsink, but even adding this to the cost you can still take home this 4TB SSD for less than £260 - making this drive £100 cheaper than other options.

Lastly, we have the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus which comes with this awesome PS5-specific heatsink that replaces the PS5's NVMe slot cover. This makes it by far the easiest and less fiddly drive to install, although performance isn't quite as strong as the Addlink A95 or WD SN850x. You do pay for that usability though, with an asking price of £430.

If none of the SSDs above tickle your fancy, then feel free to check our list of the best PS5 SSDs which also has more information on the installation procedure and Sony's requirements for compatible SSDs.

If you have any questions, or you find a better deal we should be recommending, do let us know in the comments below! You can also find us on Twitter @dealsfoundry and @dealsfoundryusa, where we share console and PC tech deals as we find them. Good luck out there!

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