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All the best tech deals from Amazon's Black Friday sales

Storage, monitors, games and more, selected by Digital Foundry.

Black Friday seems to start earlier every year, doesn't it? Amazon has unveiled their first Black Friday deals today, and there are some genuinely great offers here that we think you should know about - including deals on storage like memory cards and SSDs, monitors, PC gaming peripherals and more.

We've been posting some of the best deals on the @dealsfoundry Twitter account (well worth a follow!), but here is a wider range, all collected in one place for your convenience. Enjoy!

Jump to what you're interested in via the table of contents below, or simply scroll on!

The best Samsung SSDs discounted

The Samsung 970 Evo Plus is the go-to recommendation for PC gamers and content creators, offering extremely fast speeds of up to 3500MB/s thanks to its high-speed NAND memory and NVMe connection. Today, the most popular 1TB drive is down to £120 from an RRP of £240; normally the drive retails for closer to £160 so this is an insanely good deal!

If you don't need the high speeds allowed by NVMe - or your motherboard/laptop doesn't support this newer spec - then this 860 Evo SATA SSD is a great choice too. You get 500GB of high-speed storage for just £53, down from the usual price of around £65.

The Samsung T7 is the company's best portable SSD, offering speeds of up to 1050MB/s over a USB 3.2 Gen 2 connection. Right now the 1TB model in silver and the 2TB model in red are heavily discounted, with the 1TB model costing £138 (normally £194) and the 2TB model at £220, down from £303.

Finally, the Samsung 256 Evo Select is a great value Micro SD card, and it's been reduced from £38 to £33. The perfect upgrade for your Nintendo Switch, smartphone or camera!

Deep discounts on WD SSDs and external hard drives

Whether you're after high-speed storage for your desktop or laptop, or a massive external drive to back up games and media, this slice of the Amazon Black Friday sale has it all. Here are the highlights:

The WD Blue is a great value SATA SSD that's available in capacities up to 2TB... and lucky for you, the largest model is now discounted heavily. The Blue 2TB SSD has been reduced from £230 to £150.

For external storage, the WD My Book is your best shot. It offers a ton of storage in a portable form factor, ideal for PC, Mac, Linux and games consoles too. This 12TB model has been reduced from £250 to £180, but if that's too much then an 8TB model has also been marked down - from £240 to £130. Either way, you'll get a ton of storage space in a convenient enclosure, which can also be carefully opened if you'd prefer to use these drives internally.

Finally, the WD Black SN750 is a perennial favourite that offers excellent performance, ideal for high-spec gaming PCs or content creators working with large files (like 4K video, for instance). The massive 2TB model has been discounted from £426 to £215, which is one hell of a reduction and comes highly recommended from us at DF.

Cut-price SanDisk memory cards

Just a quick one this - SanDisk are the most popular manufacturer of Micro SD cards, and a ton are discounted today. Choose the capacity you need from this selection, and you're pretty much guaranteed a fast memory card at a very good price. I'd suggest avoiding the Nintendo-branded ones, just because they function identically to the non-branded options and cost slightly more. There are also some cheap SSDs, full-size SD cards and portable SSDs available if you scroll down a bit. Good luck!

Historic deals on storage from Crucial, Kingston and Lexar

This category is massive, so let's just look at a few highlights and you can browse all three pages of deals yourself for the rest!

Want more Switch, smartphone or camera storage? If you want a ton of capacity, then this 512GB Integral card is among the biggest in the world, offers the same high speed spec and it costs just £72 today, down from £90.

The Crucial MX500 has been our top SATA SSD recommendation for years, thanks to its blend of excellent performance at the very limits of the SATA spec (560MB/s) and reasonable prices. Today the price is more reasonable than every, as the MX500 has dipped from £107 to just £80, the lowest price on this drive we've ever seen. The 2TB model has also been discounted heavily, falling from £214 to £156 - another historic low and an insanely good deal for PC storage. (You can also pair this with a cheap SATA to USB adapter or enclosure to make a super-fast portable drive!)

The Crucial BX500 is the best DRAM-less SATA SSD on the market, offering excellent value at the cost of slightly worse random writes. For media and games storage, this is an excellent choice, and the 240GB drive is down to £24 from £36.

The Crucial P2 is the best value SSD on the market, giving you super fast NVMe speeds of up to 2400MB/s while costing only a few pounds more than SATA drives that are five times slower. The 500GB size is now £48, down from £55, while the 1TB size is £97 (from £117).

Crucial also make great computer RAM, and this 2x8GB (16GB) 3200MHz CL16 kit sits right at our recommended spec. It's also got RGB lighting, which is very rare at this price point. The RAM is £60 today, down from its regular price of £76.

I use the Crucial X8 regularly, as this 1TB portable SSD offers blistering fast speeds - ideal for transferring downloaded media from your PC to a TV, games console or set-top box. It's also fast enough that you can install games to the SSD and run them directly. The drive is normally £154, but today it's just £96 - a hell of a bargain!

Great deals on recent PlayStation, Xbox and Switch games

There are a ton of discounted games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Switch on Amazon today. We spotted FIFA 21, Watch Dogs Legion, Madden NFL 21, Marvel's Avengers, Spyro, Untitled Goose Game, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Crash Team Racing, amongst others. Check out the discounts, up to 42% off list prices.

Best price on PlayStation Plus memberships

Normally PlayStation Plus 12-month memberships cost £50, but today you can pick one up on Amazon for £37. This provides access to online multiplayer on PS4 and PS5, plus free games every month and discounts on the PlayStation Store. Well worth the purchase if you have a PS5 on the way or in your living room!

Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite game bundles

There are 20 different Switch and Switch Lite game bundles available on Amazon right now, including a range of recent and top-rated games like Minecraft, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Sports Party and more. Take a look.

Almost half-off Roku streaming sticks

Roku's streaming media players are among the best in the business, and if you're not lucky enough to have their functionality built into your TV then picking up one of their dongles is a clever way to upgrade your set. There are three options available, from a HD media player ideal for 1080p TVs to two options for more modern 4K HDR sets. Here are all three options!

Up to 20 per cent off PC monitors from BenQ, Samsung and more

Gaming monitors are a classic Black Friday purchase, and Amazon have kicked things off in style with this collection of monitors from the likes of BenQ, Samsung, LG and HP. Here are our quick recommendations:

  • HP v28 (a cheap 28-inch 4K monitor for PC or consoles, £220 down from £300)
  • Samsung LC27RG50 (a 27" 240Hz gaming monitor ideal for shooters, £230 down from £300)
  • Samsung LS34J550 (a 34-inch 3440x1440 ultrawide, ideal for work or slower games, £259 down from £350)
  • HP Omen 27i (1440p 165Hz for a good blend of resolution and refresh rate, £400 down from £500)
  • Samsung LC49RG90 (an insane 49" 5120x1440 120Hz superwide, £889 down from £1099)

Discounted 4K TVs from LG, Sony and Philips

Unfortunately none of our top 4K TV for gaming recommendations are present in Amazon's massive collection of discounted 4K TVs, but there are still some great bargains on quality sets to be had. We recommend Sony for motion clarity, Philips for their ambient lighting which adds to the experience of playing a game or movie, LG's excellent viewing angles on the NanoCell sets and HiSense when it comes to pure value for money. Specifically, the Bravia KDXH81, the Panasonic TX-55HX580BZ and the LG Nano79 stick out as the best of the bunch, but do your own research to find the best one for you!

Logitech PC and console peripherals

The Logitech G502 Hero is the most popular gaming mouse in the world, thanks to its comfortable shape, surfeit of buttons and high-spec optical sensor. It also has a dual-mode scroll wheel, which can be set to distinct notched clicks for use in-game or a free-rolling hyper-fast mode for surfing the web. This is the Special Edition model, which comes with metal accents, and it's £35, down from £70.

The G305 Lightspeed is the best value of Logitech's excellent Lightspeed wireless mice, offering a comfortable shape, efficient optical sensor and low weight (which can be improved further by swapping in a Li-ion AAA battery). It's £34, down from £52, which is an awesome deal.

Fancy racing the proper way? Logitech's excellent G29 (PC/PlayStation) and G920 (PC/Xbox) steering wheels and pedals are discounted from £300 to £160 today. You can also pick up a Driving Force Shifter for £30 (normally £50) or get it bundled with a G29 or G920 for £190.

The Logitech G203 Lightsync is a great low-cost mouse that is way better than you'd expect for the price - now £18, reduced from £35. The G213 Prodigy fits a similar niche, offering a proper gamer look with RGB lighting for £32, down from £60.

Finally, the G533 is a comfy wireless headset that operates over the same low-latency wireless connection as the G305 Lightspeed. It's £69, down from £140, making for one heck of a bargain on a solid headset for PC gaming.

Razer, Corsair and HyperX PC gaming peripherals

When it comes to PC gaming, Razer, Corsair and HyperX are three of the biggest names in the space (with the latter perhaps behind Logitech and maybe SteelSeries in terms of name recognition). Happily, all three brands are discounted on Amazon today. If you're after a headset, keyboard, mouse or mouse pad upgrade, any of these could be a good shout:

Our best gaming mouse for medium/large hands, the DeathAdder V2 is a comfortable full-sized mouse with a high-spec optical sensor, convenient side buttons and Razer's trademark RGB lighting. At £34.69, it's half-off its £70 RRP.

The Razer Viper is a 69 gram mouse intended for competitive gaming, chiefly shooters like CSGO, Valorant and Call of Duty. I test dozens of mice every year, and my go-to since it was released was the wireless version of this mouse, the Viper Ultimate. The wired Viper is an improvement in many ways, with an even lighter weight ideal for low-DPI players, a comfortable ambidextrous shape and a super-flexible cable, all at a significantly lower price (the Ultimate is £104). If you're a fan of ultra-light mice, this model for £39 (normally £50) is an absolute godsend.

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is the wired PC and PlayStation model of the excellent Arctis lineup, using the same comfortable ski goggle headband and great sound quality as the wireless Arctis 7, our top gaming headset recommendation. At £75, it's £35 off its RRP.

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless is one of the best cross-gen wireless headsets available, compatible with the PC, PS5, PS4, Switch and Android smartphones. It's light and comfy with good sound quality, making it worth all of its reduced £74 asking price (down from £100).

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S headset comes from a long line of excellent headsets that have been loved for their comfort and audio quality. The Cloud Alpha S is one of the latest models, coming with 7.1 surround sound, 3.5mm or USB connections and unique 'bass adjustment sliders' that allow you to change the audio signature of the headset to one of three settings. The Alpha S is normally quite expensive at £120, but today is available for £86.

The Razer Ornata V2 is a hybrid mechanical/membrane keyboard offers the best of both worlds, with clicky switches that feel more the keyboard on a high-end laptop. RGB backlighting is found throughout, and the full layout ticks all the boxes. It's £76, down from £100.

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core is a great compact mechanical keyboard, with a tenkeyless (no numpad) layout and clean, elegant design. Optional RGB lighting completes the package. This has been reduced to £86, from £100.

Corsair Crystal Series 680X is one of Corsair's best 2019 case releases, with a trendy dual-chamber design. This allows your power supply and cables to sit in a hidden chamber, allowing your better-looking components - fans, graphics cards, CPU coolers and fans - to sit centre-stage. Very easy to work in and with plenty of tempered glass, this is a great high-end case. It's been reduced from £220 to £182 today.

Discounted Huawei, Microsoft and Asus laptops

If you're after a brand new laptop for Black Friday, these are your best bets. We love the Surface Pro 7 tablet, Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Book 3 laptop from Microsoft, but Huawei's Matebook X and the Asus Zenbook UM433 are also worth a look! Here's the full selection.

Samsung Q800T 8K HDR TV

The massive 82-inch version of the 8K Samsung Q800T has been discounted from £6000 to £4800. Wow. Great TV for gaming, for what it's worth, with HDMI 2.1 support so you get 4K 120Hz, VRR, ALLM and all the other acronyms.

Wrapping up

OK, that's all for now! Thanks for joining us and stay tuned for more deals as we enter Black Friday proper. Follow @dealsfoundry on Twitter for the deals as we find them, too!

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