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Die Hard's John McClane teased for Call of Duty: Warzone

Welcome to the party, pal!

The 1980s action movie heroes are coming en masse to Warzone. After this week's tease that Rambo will be added to the battle royale, Activision has indicated Die Hard's John McClane is on his way, too.

Activision even created a website for a fictional air conditioning repair company called Nakatomi Duct Cleaning, offering its services in Verdansk.

The website says "A NAKATOMI CORP DIVISION MASTERING A/C DUCT CLEANING SINCE 1988", but the current Warzone map is set in 1984. Nah... I'm applying too much logic to Call of Duty here.

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Nakatomi Corporation is of course the company McClane's wife, Holly Gennaro, works for, and Nakatomi Plaza is the Los Angeles high-rise office in which poor old John finds himself battling against Hans Gruber's goons.

What should Warzone fans expect? A lot of Rambo and John McClane skins running around Verdansk, that's what.

So, we've got a Rambo crossover and a Die Hard crossover. What next? Chuck Norris?

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