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Diablo 4 player stumbles upon apparent supersized Butcher

Turns out he's just really mad.

A Diablo 4 player has found what appeared to be - initially at least - a giant version of the game's terrifying Butcher enemy.

The Butcher, an infamous enemy from the first game, can randomly spawn in any dungeon, at any level, and is a particularly nasty foe to defeat.

Reddit user IronHeart_777 discovered a giant "beast of a Butcher" while running nightmare dungeons with friends, but don't worry - it's not actually a new version of the enemy.

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Usually the Butcher is a big boy, but the version spotted by IronHeart_777 is a veritable giant, towering over the player characters.

However, as another user responded on reddit, it looks like the Butcher is just enraged.

So uh... anyone know why we found a Giant Butcher? He appeared this big
by u/IronHeart_777 in diablo4

You see, nightmare dungeons include various modifiers to make them more difficult - and enraged enemies not only have bumped up damage output, they increase in size a fraction with each kill.

It seems that's much easier to see when the Butcher is already so beefy.

This discovery is proof, however, that you never know what you might stumble upon in a Diablo 4 dungeon.

Since the game's release, players have been out hunting for secrets. Many have been seeking out a secret cow level which doesn't exist. Now they're following rats.

The game's most elusive rare items have now been discovered, with lead class designer Adam Jackson revealing the six rarest unique items that can drop.

Diablo 4's first season will be revealed in a live stream later this week (6th July, 7pm UK time) over on Twitch.

And if you're struggling with the Butcher, check out our guide on how to beat him.

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