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Devs putting PS3 first - Tretton

Starting to port down from it.

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Sony America boss Jack Tretton says that developers are beginning to create games primarily on PlayStation 3 and then port them to other formats, reversing the early trend of focusing on Xbox 360 and PC and dealing with PS3 as an afterthought.

"We are now starting to see developers creating games on PS3 and then porting them to other platforms such as EA's Burnout [Paradise]," Tretton said in an IGN interview.

"Developers are telling us that they are starting to create their games on PS3 first and take advantage of the hardware capabilities and then port down to other platforms so we are seeing tremendous progress from the third party community in terms of what they are able to do with our development kits."

If true, that will certainly come as good news to owners of PlayStation 3, who have been forced to endure quite a number of less-than-stellar PS3 ports of existing 360 and PC games over the console's first year on sale.

As we've been documenting in our PS3 and Xbox 360 Face-Off features, some developers are getting it right - most notably Infinity Ward with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, as witnessed in the most recent roundup - but other titles like The Orange Box and Assassin's Creed have suffered on Sony's platform.

"You will see some very nice things in 2008 coming from our third party partners in addition to what you will see this holiday," Tretton concluded in his comments to IGN on the subject.

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