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Dev tweets first picture of PS VR 2 in the wild, deletes it

Eye don't believe it!

We all know it is on its way, but the PS VR2 is still somewhat of a mystery to those of us not privy to the inner workings at Sony. However, one developer has shared (and swiftly removed) a picture of a PS VR2 set out in the real world.

The picture came from Bit Planet Games, the developer of Ultrawings and its follow up Ultrawings 2. It showed the PS VR2 on a black leather chair.

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It wasn't much, with the set not even being in use for the photo, but it was enough to quickly catch the ever-watching eyes of the internet before the developer had a chance to remove the post without anyone noticing it. You can see it for yourself below (via Reddit).

Bit Planet Games has since tried to divert our attention away from its slip up and has now tweeted a more nonchalant "Guess what's coming to PSVR2?" in the original post's wake (I assume it is referring to Ultrawings).

However, this has only led to some amusing replies from the PlayStation community, with many asking if the developer had forgotten something, adding the original picture to accompany their messages. Bit Planet Games appears to be taking the error in its stride though, joking "Looks fake to us. Chair is badass though."

Someone then mocked up a picture of the PS VR2 as a realistic looking cake, quipping "It's so hard to know isn't it! ". To this, Bit Planet Games joked it was "Definitely delicious vanilla and dark chocolate flavoured cake."

Meanwhile, earlier this year, we all got a closer look at Horizon: Call of the Mountain, one of the first games announced for the PSVR2.

Call of the Mountain will be a first-person experience set in the series' gorgeous, post-apocalypse world of Aloy and co. It will put players in the shoes of new character Ryas, a former Shadow Carja Warrior who hopes to redeem himself by investigating a grave threat to the Sundom. While this will be the first time in the series that we will not be playing as Aloy, she will turn up during Call of the Mountain, with a host of other familiar faces.

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