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Destiny: The Taken King expansion spotted again

Bungie update targets House of Wolves key fixes.

If there was any doubt to its veracity, the name of Destiny's unannounced expansion has been spotted again in the wild.

US packs of Red Bull energy drinks have been spotted with codes for bonus experience points and an "epic quest" in Destiny: The Taken King when it launches (thanks, Game Informer).

The Taken King's name and logo previously popped up in a trademark description, filed by Bungie.

It's likely that this refers to the major Destiny update expected in September for the game's one-year anniversary.

The Taken King, previously known under its working title of Comet, will effectively be Destiny 1.5. A leaked Bungie schedule previously indicated it would be released in a boxed version (presumably in a Game of the Year-style package with all other Destiny content launched thus far).

We expect to hear much more about The Taken King in a few weeks at E3.

Bungie has also implemented some much-requested tweaks to Destiny following the recent addition of its House of Wolves DLC.

Chief among the changes is a method for players to guarantee themselves a prized Treasure Key every week. Just cash in a single Wanted Bounty every week and a Key is guaranteed to drop.

The need to farm keys (by leaving an area then rushing back to nab the respawned chest) has been killed off in the patch, and replaced with a "greatly increased" drop rate of Keys from the Prison of Elders and in Ether Chests found in the world.

Ether Chests won't give you ammo synths, but will give you Tokens of Flight, Identity and Judgment for Prison of Elders-related rewards. These can also now be dismantled for PoE reputation.

Finally, the tricky Prison of Elders Vex boss mechanic has been made easier - damage caused by the bubbles that spawn around players has been reduced by 25 per cent, while the Jailbreaker buff to break out has been increased by 100 per cent.

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