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Destiny King's Fall raid challenge mode live, beaten in minutes

Dread nought.

Destiny's toughest challenge just got tougher - and it was beaten in minutes by players streaming on Twitch.

King's Fall challenge mode went live less than an hour ago, with variants for both normal and hard versions of the raid.

This week's challenge modifier makes the raid's Warpriest boss harder. Players are now limited to holding the damage-enabling aura only once per person.

Further weeks may see bigger changes to the standard raid formula.

Another difference is in loot. Normal difficulty challenge mode appears to guarantee a 310 artefact for players, while hard mode nets you an absolute top-level 320 artefact, plus a 320 weapon.

One of the game's final collectible Calcified Fragments is also unlocked.

Bungie gave no warning that its challenge mode was about to go live - it wasn't expected until the game's December patch went live.

That patch is due to add many new and refurbished exotic guns, alongside other new things. We may hear more later this week at The Game Awards or PlayStation Experience.

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