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Destiny app update grants mobile access to your vault

No-radar Rumble multiplayer event launches next week.

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A new update for Destiny's companion app has added the ability to remotely transfer items to and from your game's vault.

The vault is a central repository for armour, guns and materials accessible across all of your characters.

Previously, switching gear between your different Guardians (or just simply taking out items you had stored) required a trip to the game's Tower location. No more.

It means that items can be quickly pulled into missions on the fly, with no need to drag yourself and your whole fireteam out of an event if you're in need of a specific weapon, or more ammo from your cache.

The feature is also now available via developer Bungie's web-based site.

Bungie has also given a release date to its upcoming Inferno multiplayer event, which will begin next Tuesday, 3rd March.

Inferno playlists will modify PVP matches by removing the game's radar, so players cannot see when others are nearby.

Scoring is also simplified, to make the mode about gaining kills or grabbing the core objective. Also, only one set of heavy ammo will drop throughout the match.

This week saw the launch of Destiny patch 1.1.1, with fixes for the game's heavy ammo bug and a sweeping rebalance for all weapon classes.

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