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Bungie finally squashing one of Destiny's most annoying bugs

Heavy ammo inbound.

Bungie is finally preparing to squash one of Destiny's most-complained-about bugs.

The frequently-reported issue causes players' coveted heavy weapon ammunition to disappear upon death, returning to orbit, or when encountering one of Destiny's delightful unskippable cut-scenes.

Heavy weapon ammo is rare, and if you've played Destiny for a while you will have probably spent a decent amount of in-game currency on stocking it up.

Which is why its continued disappearance has been a bit of a bug-bear - and why Bungie is finally (almost) ready to deploy a fix.

"For some time now, we've been tracking this one," Bungie explained via the developer's latest Weekly Update.

"To date, the best we've been able to do is to admit that we were aware of the issue. This week, we can give you some additional information."

The issue boils down to the effect in-game perks have on the amount of heavy ammo players can hold, and Destiny incorrectly applying the value.

A solution has now been found, but the fix won't be fully deployed until nearer the end of February.

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