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Destiny bug denies top streamers Hard Mode raid world first

Wrath of the machine.

Top Destiny clan Redeem were denied world first status for completing Rise of Iron's new Hard Mode raid due to a technical hiccup.

Redeem, which holds the world first record for Wrath of the Machine's normal mode, was expected to win the honour a second time when the harder version launched at 2pm Pacific/10pm UK time last night.

They had trained, they had raised their levels to the absolute maximum, they were live-streaming their performance - and then it all went wrong.

At the 24:04 mark in the video below you can see Redeem - fresh from completing the raid's middle section Death Zamboni encounter - suddenly wipe. All of them are dead.

One person had run a little too far ahead and, despite the fight being over, had crossed an invisible perimeter which Destiny then interpreted to be cheating. It's a known problem, and it occurs if you move too far beyond the encounter area before the next quest step has appeared on-screen.

Hopefully this issue is resolved somehow in a future patch. For now, it is something Destiny players simply must watch out for.

Redeem respawned, but were placed back before the encounter. The team had to repeat the whole section (which they then do at the 30:23 mark). But this six minute penalty ensured their world first attempt was effectively over.

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Wrath of the Machine's hard mode world first instead went to Clan Die Busfahrer, an unknown team from Germany whose name delightfully translates to The Bus Drivers.

Bungie posted the top three finish times on Twitter last night, with Redeem ending up in third place. Without that six minute penalty Redeem would have been a clear first by several minutes.

Note - those times are the Pacific time of day each team finished. All top three runs were just 40-something minutes in length.

Watching the video it is clear Redeem were frustrated by the setback - which is understandable - but the clan has now congratulated Die Busfahrers on their achievement.

"This was our first run throughout the Wrath of the Machine Hard Mode," Redeem wrote. "GGs to Clan Die Busfahrers aka The Bus Drivers for getting World's First. We got world's third, behind The Legend Himself."

If you fancy a go at the tougher difficulty level yourself, see what's different with our Wrath of the Machine Hard mode guide.

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