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Bungie addresses Destiny 2 dedicated servers concern

"Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers."

Last week's Destiny 2 reveal brought with it word the game would again use peer-to-peer networking instead of dedicated servers. It was news which dismayed some fans, tired of the problems this brings to Destiny 1.

This week, Bungie found time to explain the situation better, saying Destiny 2 actually improves the situation from Destiny 1 by using dedicated servers for some things - and peer-to-peer still in others.

"Many are concerned by our announcement last week that Destiny 2 doesn't have dedicated servers," Destiny 2 engineering lead Matt Segur explained via the Bungie blog. "While that's useful shorthand, the full answer is more complex because Destiny has a unique networking model.

"Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers. That means you will never again suffer a host migration during your Raid attempt or Trials match. This differs from Destiny 1, where these hosting duties were performed by player consoles and only script and mission logic ran in the data center."

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A mix of peer-to-peer and dedicated servers is actually no new thing. Segur linked to this GDC presentation from 2015, where Destiny 1's blend of network solutions was explained in more granular detail.

"We don't use [the term dedicated servers], because in the gaming community, 'dedicated servers' refers to pure client-server networking models," Segur concluded. "Destiny 2 uses a hybrid of client-server and peer-to-peer technology, just like Destiny 1. The server is authoritative over how the game progresses, and each player is authoritative over their own movement and abilities. This allows us to give players the feeling of immediacy in all their moving and shooting - no matter where they live and no matter whom they choose to play with."

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