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Destiny 2 Lumina quest steps: How to start the Lumina quest and find System Positioning Device locations in the A Fateful Gift step

How to get the unique support Hand Cannon in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2's Lumina is an Exotic quest available during the Season of Opulence during the game's second year.

Released on July 2nd, Lumina is an Exotic hand cannon cut from the same cloth as Thorn, creating Remnants when you kill enemies - but this time, it has a support function, healing and increasing the damage of allies.

It's similar to Thorn enough that it references the gun several times as part of the Lumina quest steps, including having to visit a few familiar locations.

Similar to other Year 2 Exotics, Lumina is not time-gated, and can be acquired as soon as it's released.

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How to get Lumina in Destiny 2

Here's a quick rundown of the steps needed to obtain Lumina:

  • Visit the Salt Mines in the EDZ to start the Lumina quest
  • Visit the indicated location in the solar system and open the chest
  • Generate 250 Orbs of Light (can be completed as a team) to receive the Rose Hand Cannon
  • Complete three steps; complete Blind Well, Black Armory or Escalation Protocol rounds; get a score of 50,000 or above in Nightfall; get 100 enemy kill streaks without reloading your weapon
  • Complete activities with Rose equipped (can be completed as a team)
  • Compete three steps; defeat Guardians with Hand Cannon final blows; generate Orbs of Light; defeat Invaders in Gambit before they kill a teammate
  • Complete the Will of Thousands strike with Rose equipped, destroying 11 Crystals along the way

With the above done, the Lumina Hand Cannon is yours.

Thanks to Lathiel777 on reddit and Datto on YouTube for helping flesh out the above steps:

Getting Destiny 2's Lumina step-by-step: Where to find the Lumina quest location

First, though you can complete every step solo, you are able to complete several objectives faster if you are performing them at the same time as a team, if you are able to work with others completing these steps around the same time.

To start the Lumina quest in Destiny 2, you have to go to where you began the Thorn quest, which is in the Salt Mines in the EDZ.

To get there, first head to the Trostland fast travel point - it's the one in front of the church.

Head past the church and you'll find a pathway at the other side, with huge banners above it.

After going through the passage way, you'll end up at an open area, with the Salt Mines appearing on the screen.

Proceed on to the tunnel at the far end, with the sign saying 'Salzwerk' above it.

Head inside, and you'll come to an area with enemies. At the far side is an orange and gray tank.

Stand next to it, and you'll have to option to Transmat.

You'll then end up in a new location. Head straight ahead up the path, passing a glowing gate to your right.

Soon the path will seemingly end. However, if you stand on the left side of the road, and look a little up, you'll see a glowing light in the rock above.

You can jump up through here to progress, taking you to a camp site. It's here where you'll then pick up 'A Fateful Gift', as well as the 'System Positioning Device' item.

Where to find the A Fateful Gift and System Positioning Device location in Destiny 2's Lumina quest

The next step is A Fateful Gift, which is what the System Positioning Device object tells you to follow in the Pursuits tab.

It'll refer to one of several areas, which cycle round every hour, meaning the one you're looking for will change regularly.

Possible areas include:

Lumina quest Shaft 13 in the EDZ location: Fast travel to The Sludge area, and the Shaft 13 Lost Sector is very close by:

Lumina quest High Plains on the Tangled Shore location:

Lumina quest Sinking Docks on Titan location:

Lumina quest Lighthouse on Mercury location:

Lumina quest Spire of Kires in the Dreaming City location:

Lumina quest The Mists on Nessus location:

Lumina quest Alton Dynamo on Mars location:

Lumina quest Evacuation Site 2 on Io location:

There of course could be more - but at the time of writing, these were the possible A Fateful Gift locations available.

Once that's done, you then have to generate 250 Orbs of Light. You can do this in any activity, and will count those generated by your teammates.

Once that's done, you'll then get the Rose Hand Cannon, and then the Rose, Revealed step. However, one useful tip by Luf2222 on reddit is to do a Blind Well - this is reportedly the fastest way to get Orbs, and since you'll complete the step before it ends and unlock the next one straight away, completing Blind Well will see you contribute to it at the same time - saving a bit of time.

How to complete the Rose, Revealed step in Destiny 2's Lumina quest

The Rose, Revealed step comes in three parts, which can be completed in any order.

One is to complete encounters at the Blind Well, at any of the Black Armory forges, or in Escalation Protocol, with a total of 35 points needed to complete the step.

It might be easier to go with whatever you prefer - if you have another Exotic quest that requires one of these, why not kill two birds with one stone? - otherwise, the fastest appears to be Forges, which contributes four points per run.

You also have to complete a Nightfall strike with a score of 50,000 or higher - fairly straightforward at higher Power levels - and defeat multiple enemy combatants in a row without reloading your weapon. You have to do this 100 times, and any mode will do. It might be wise to do this as you are doing the other activities, in fact.

After that, you must complete the Fireteam Leader step, which involves completing any activity with the Rose hand cannon equipped. Having others in your party makes this goes quicker.

For example, according to Datto, having a fireteam in a Strike will see it increase 12%. If you can do this it'll speed things along - otherwise simply play the game as normal, and as long as the Rose is equipped, you'll unlock it eventually.

After that, it's the Strength in Numbers steps. Again, this has a number of objectives to chip away at.

One is defeat Guardians with final blows with Hand Cannons as a team. Any Hand Cannon will do here, and if your Fireteam get kills, you'll get some progress towards in the objective too. According to ChrisppApples on reddit, using Rose will see the objective go up by four points as opposed to the usual one, so it's worth using it if you're in a rush.

Elsewhere, there's generate Orbs of Light - any mode for this is fine - and defeat Invaders in Gambit before they have killed any teammates. You also need to do this in 10 seconds and get the Not in My Watch medal in the process (thanks to Luf2222 on reddit for the tip!)

If you're struggling to do this, the best to kill an Invader quickly is to play a match with a Super ready to go - if it can attack at a distance, like the Hunter's Golden Gun, the better - and when you hear an Invasion taking place, look around the edges of the map (as well as the radar) to quickly identify the Invader. You'll get 2-3 opportunities per round for this, so with some luck, it won't take longer than a couple of matches.

How to complete the Lumia quest in Destiny 2

The final Lumina quest step, Bloom, has you complete the Will of the Thousands Strike with the Rose equipped, and along the way, destroy 11 crystals.

Their locations are fairly straightforward - there are many more than what you need - but in case you need pointers, this YouTube video by WoW Quests of the mission can help:

With that done, Lumina will then drop. Congratulations!

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

What else you need to know about Lumnia in Destiny 2

Lumina has a few similarities to Thorn in Destiny 2 in how its ability works.

For example, performing a kill drops a Remnant. Absorbing this converts your next hip-fired shot into a Noble Round, which auto aims at the nearest ally. This gives them the Blessing of the Sky buff that, not only heals them, but grants both you and them a weapon damage bonus for a short time.

It also partially refills your magazine, and also stacks up to five times.

It's early days, but Lumina looks to be an interesting weapon that could add up to some useful support potential to buff the damage output of those around you with relative ease. Since it's not a passive ability it might not be the most obvious, but it'll be interesting to see what the community does with it.

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