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Dean Hall issues warning about DayZ Early Access

"Buying early will be a recipe for disappointment."

Standalone DayZ is, finally, nearing some kind of playable release. But creator Dean Hall has issued a warning to people getting too excited about the Early Access launch on Steam.

"I really can't emphasise enough," he wrote, "this is going to be an Early Access project on steam. It's a true-blue alpha.

"Massive areas of the engine were entirely reworked, involving a large team of people over the last 12 months. Much of what these achievements will enable won't be seen for many months, so I really plead for anyone who is on the fence to take a sceptical approach - watch streams, read reviews, watch some Let's Play and form your opinion. You could always come back to the game in three, six months time and buy it then.

Merry Christmas!

"Buying early will be a recipe for disappointment," he added.

"It's a chance for those who want to be part of that whole process. For them, the process is as much as part of the game as the whole experience. For many, this is the opposite of what they want. To enable a smooth launch, we really are targeting it at a core audience who want to get deeply involved in a very barebones experience that is a platform for future development."

There's still no mention of exactly when the alpha will launch. Hall said he still needed "a little more out of the server in terms of framerate" before he's happy to press go.

"Overall, the mood on development is quite upbeat," he wrote. "We're all pretty tired, as it has been very late and long working days. We had a new programmer and new designer start this week, and some assistance from the ArmA 3 team to prepare the creation of our own audio team.

"We're looking forward to getting the alpha out into Early-Access. I think that while some might be disappointed that this is not some feature-packed, graphically focused, masterpiece - we've been focused on addressing the major architectural issues and it's represented a massive body of work over the last 12 months."

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