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DC Universe Heads or Tails patch out

P-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin.

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The Heads or Tails patch was applied to DC Universe Online on PC and PS3 overnight.

Servers were down early this morning and there's no indication that anything went wrong.

The free Heads or Tails patch brings Harvey Dent/Two-Face and Penguin to DC Universe Online. Dent leads an instanced mission to Penguin's hideout, and will either help you or hinder you - as Two-Face - depending on his signature toss of a coin. Dent/Two-Face will also be playable in Legends PVP.

The update also offers the final part of the Batcave raid for level 30 players, culminating in a battle against Batman himself. A guest appearance from sneakster Mister Mxyzptlk is promised as well.

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