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DC Universe adds micro-transactions

The first timid steps towards free-to-play?

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DC Universe Online has taken one red-booted stride down the free-to-play highway by introducing micro-transactions in a Marketplace store.

There you can buy Wearables, Vault tickets, convenience items "and other fun wares" for real money - either using funds added to your PSN Wallet or by spending Station Cash.

You can access the Marketplace by opening your in-game PDA (press Escape on PC or start on PS3). Once there, select the Shopping Cart icon.

Separate PC and PS3 how-to guides will walk you through the rest.

At the moment there are only two items available at the Marketplace: Proto-Repair Bots (fix equipment on the go) and Vault Ticket Packs (allows more trips to the vault).

Five Proto-Repair Bots costs $3.99 on PS3 and 400 Station Cash on PC ($4).

Micro-transactions are, of course, the bread and butter of a free-to-play diet. That DC Universe, an MMO struggling to fly, should opt to ditch upfront and subscription fees in favour of attracting a larger audience makes jolly good sense to me.

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