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Dark Souls reveals Beacon Fires

You'll see these a lot.

Dark Souls won't be broken into levels and stages like Demon's Souls, so where do you respawn? At one of the new Beacon Fires.

These are checkpoint markers that blaze across the seamless world, from which you'll resurrect should you - and you probably will - die.

Life can also be restored to your Life Gauge at a Beacon Fire, and friends - co-op comrades - can gather there.

Dark Souls, like Demon's Souls, will unceremoniously kill your action RPG hero time and time again. That's its thing, it's raison d'etre. And Demon's Souls was brilliant because of it.

Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki gave Eurogamer a guided tour of Dark Souls in February, answering our nosy-parker questions along the way.

Eurogamer had its first look at Dark Souls in February.